We are more than an IT company.

We are a Business Solutions Provider that adds value to your business, with many years’ experience in the Food and General Manufacturing industries.

We are the founders of “CyberSafeNow” a unique Multi Layered approach to Cyber Security that protects you and your business from todays Cyber Criminals.

Why us – we listen! We understand! We challenge! All from a position of strength which is built on many years of business experience working with a variety of companies from small businesses to businesses that have expanded quickly and now have annual sales of £100M+.

We focus on the IT and let you focus on your business.

Our Process

Every business is different, what works elsewhere won’t necessarily work for you.  We know this and will not apply a blanket one size fits all package.


We take the time to understand you and your business and then we will integrate into your business as true partners.  We work best when we partner our clients to achieve mutual goals.  Some of the key services we can provide include:


Our staff have helped some of the UK’s leading food manufacturers grow their business thanks to our scalable ERP Solutions.  We understand Finance, Manufacturing, Procurement, Planning, Sales, Commercial Decision Making, HR & Technical processes.


Are you safe from today’s Cyberthreats?  It’s unlikely.  Our unique CyberSafeNow Product uses a multi layered approach incorporating both technical and non-technical solutions that help to ensure that your business won’t be giving money to criminals.  The threats are real and forever evolving.  Doing nothing is no longer an option.


We create, deliver and manage Processes, Managing IT, Engineering & Technical suppliers to ensure all IT systems work together by understanding what each is doing.


You already know your Systems are necessary for your business to run.  Working with us we ensure that if they fail your business will keep going thanks to our knowledge of always giving you “somewhere to go” should the unthinkable occur.

IT Cover Labour

We provide IT Cover Labour which assists with, Holiday Cover, Sickness Cover and Overflow cover for busy periods.  We can do this for large and small companies throughout the Ireland and the UK.


Do you know who connects to your network? Do you allow VPN access?  Do you let suppliers and third party guests connect to your network?  Perhaps these are all necessary. With GDPR the price of unauthorised data access can be high. We can help to reduce this risk.


We manage your IT & Technical (inc. Production) Providers. You manage your business. This means you have only one person reporting to you.  A human dashboard, if you like.


We train your users & staff in Cybersecurity awareness.  Always mindful that the last line of defence is the user and with more and more successful attacks happening as a result of Social Engineering, user awareness is now the number 1 Cyber security concern.


Got a offsite employee?  Whether it’s through elected “work at home”, a remote business meeting, a sick employee who wants to work or you just need to access the office remotely you need a secure and tested method of access.


Should your systems fail, you need to know we will have them up & running as a matter of urgency.  While Continuity planning is imperative you need your core systems up & running without excessive delay.

Our key areas of specialisation include Manufacturing, Services and Charities.

About Us

Net Consultants (est: 2005) are based in Northern Ireland and work with manufacturers across the UK.  Boasting a team including Microsoft Certified Professionals, we are not just an IT Company; we are a business partner that provides real business solutions to manage and improve performance.  It goes without saying that we build fast, reliable, secure networks and data management solutions but our real value lies in working with our clients to deliver robust business processes that allow businesses to address key issues and deliver industry leading margins.

We are here to provide you with the best solutions and the best IT Infrastructure to help you manage your business better and make it more profitable.

How do we do this?  We Listen!

Regardless of the size of the client, no one understands our client’s business better than the clients themselves.  For us to offer the best solution and systems possible for each specific client our approach is very simple – we listen, comprehend, listen again.  Once we understand the key drivers and challenges faced by you, we partner to deliver solutions that will help you better manage and respond to your business needs both now and in the future.

We likely have experience with various aspects of your business’s production processes. By providing and managing ERP systems, we collaborate closely with the provider that best suits your needs. This collaboration has endowed us with comprehensive knowledge of a wide range of ERP providers.


What are your requirements?

Our expert team will listen to exactly what your business requirements are at this stage and we will continue to listen as requirements change and evolve.

What challenges are you facing?

We listen to what the key business challenges you are facing and then assess how these can be overcome more efficiently by utilising the IT solutions we provide to leverage real business benefits and advantage.

Your current IT systems

We help to analyise what experience your business has of IT now and in the past to help us understand how we implement any solution more effectively.

Our clientele includes distinguished names such as Lynn’s Country Foods (Finnebrogue), Qualitrol, Dowds Engineering, Magee Clothing, Victor Stationery, and Athletics NI. Additionally, our experienced staff have successfully collaborated with industry leaders such as Grampian, Vion, YPM, Linc. Turkeys, and Rich Sauces, among others. This diverse portfolio underscores our ability to meet the unique needs of various sectors and organizations.

Client Case Study

Finnebrogue are a UK & Ireland wide manufacturer of sausage, venison & bacon products. In 2012 Finnebrogue was a small family run business with less than 50 employees who appointed Net Consultants as the internal IT department.  In 2014 their business experienced huge growth due to a major customer acquisition.  As of 2017 Finnebrogue employs around 400 people which has risen to 800 in 2022 when Net Consultants handed over their whole IT infrastructure to the business to be managed internally.

Key timeline:

2012 – 2 Aging Servers & 1no. 80 device networks
2014 – Begin Replacement & upgrade process
2015 – Commencement of Major business wide ERP implementation
2020 – Server & Internal infrastructure as appropriate for a business with £100M turnover
2022 – Handed over to Company’s new internal team.

This infrastructure allows us to support over 50 seperate suppliers whose products utilise the company’s IT and core production infrastructure.  This includes both integrating and supporting Automation (Robotic) systems.  We are responsible for the whole sites technical design, implementation & ongoing well-being.

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